imageEver notice how cats like to claim a space?  It a white hat.


Christmas Hanging Basker

Well, the top two photos are my version of what I thought I remembered this looking like.  Hum.  Maybe Sunday I will rearrange and do  some trimming.  It took all darn morning and some work this afternoon to get it hung and lit.  The smart thing to do would have been to go and get the photo before I started building it.  More than once I wanted my sister’s help…she has floral experience.

Shoes for foster kids and the terror in Paris


November is National Adoption Month and the CASA group here in Clallam County  is helping to sponsor a shoe drive for the foster children in our area.  The idea is to get a new pair of shoes for every foster child.  I feel strongly about helping these children, so I signed up to man the booth this afternoon.  I wanted to do Swains, but that filled quickly.  So there I was in the rain and wind (we did have a tent shelter.)  I was amazed at the number of folks who stopped to talk, donate money or pick a shoe tag and go shopping.  According to the Facebook post by Friends of Clallam County CASA we are half way there!  I’ll be at the Court house Tuesday and Thursday afternoon manning the booth again.  Pretty sure we will meet our goal this year.

While I was there, I received a text from my brother and my neighbor, both expressing how glad they were I was back from Paris.  When you don’t have a smart phone, it’s a bit tricky to find out what is going on.  Once I did, I was despondent, angry, and frustrated at the senseless loss of life.  I will never understand the mentality of those who kill others.  I pray for the families of those lost.

New Block

DSCN5091 DSCN5090

I’ve been on a tear to clean up my quilt room, but the way I’ve been doing it will take forever.  I’ve been going through my scraps and cutting the fabric into squares  No idea what I was going to do with them, but today I found an option.  This is a quilt design from Missouri Star Quilt Shop and has a great tutorial on their website.  The blocks end up being 16″ finished.  If I set them straight, I need twenty.  Not sure, but I think I need 13 if I set them on point.    Will make 13 and then decide.   I picked more masculine fabrics for the points.  Then maybe it will be the quilt for brother Mike.  He doesn’t look at this blog, so no issues on spoiling the surprise.    Yep, that fishing flies on the green one.

Quilts for my brother and his wife

DSCN5080 DSCN5086

I finished the binding on the quilt on the left this weekend.  It will be shown at quilt club tomorrow and then they both will be boxed up and sent to Wyoming.  These quilts are made in the style of my grandmother, out of your stash.  The one on the left was made from fabric given to me by my friend Bernita in a red suitcase.  I added the lights…the rest was all her.  The one on the right was another mystery, called “Blindfold me Baby”.  I’d do the borders different if I had a chance, but these will just have to do for the time being.
I’ll mail them out Thursday.

Loving this sun!

DSCN5060 DSCN5059 

Wish it had been shining when I picked these babies yesterday!  Not a great view of my storage room..but hey, that’s what it is…a storage room.    They were pretty damp when I picked them so I turned the fan on low.

This morning we were without electricity for about an hour.  Apparently an accident on Old Olympic knocked it out.   I should go out and work some more, but I have another appointment and don’t want to have to do the “clean up” thing all over again.

Oh Yah!


This one struck a note.  If only I had had it tattooed to my hand when I was younger.

It’s cloudy outside, but no rain drops.  Maybe I should get the last of the flower pots put away before it starts up again.