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67, retired educator, grandmother, quilter. Love my life and the beauty that is there if you look.

Memory from the Butterfly Garden

DSCN5195 (1)

No idea why these turtles lined up for a photo.  This is from the Butterfly Garden north of Victoria.  I really enjoyed this visit.


Today was fun too!  Baby Girl and Cutie Pie came for about four hours.  We made waffles, cooked bacon, and had a great breakfast.   Some movie on Netflix about teenage girls was our next adventure…followed by “Go Fish”.  I had to be in PA by 2:30 for an appointment…or they would have stayed later!

I had more star blocks to make, but as I told my daughter, I have lots of days to sew, but once school starts, not as many opportunities to have “Grandma Days.”


If you haven’t had an opportunity to see VOX videos…I’d like to suggest you give them a try.



May the force be with you…


Eleven of the eighteen blocks needed for  for a lap quilt top for my sister-in-law.  If I just keep plugging away, I might get them done this week…or maybe not.  I’ll be heading north for New Years.  There will be some rearranging when they are all done.  That’s the beauty of having a digital camera.  It really shows where things need to be moved.    I have my brother’s quilt done…and the back.  Have plans to pin baste it on Wednesdays at quilt club, but checked my calendar and that may not happen.


Went to see the new Star Wars with the granddaughters and daughter today.  Afraid I would only give it a C plus on my first appraisal.  Then I admit it has a good strong female lead; shows how women can contribute; and maybe…we have a female Jedi.  O.K….I’ll give it a B.    It just doesn’t compete with the first one.  I remember taking my son three times.  We loved it each and every time.

Christmas is gone, but memories remain


I spent Christmas Eve at the kids house…so did the other Abuelita.  I was planning on sleeping on the couch and had settled in.  No…they moved me to Baby Girl’s bed.  Snowy came too.  He’s a great foot warmer.

20151225_100616[2]  Baby Girl is old enough to want to make her own gifts.  The jar has dark chocolate and says “Kisses for Grandma”!  I love it.  The little plaque was something they picked up in Victoria.

20151225_132556[1]  Here are two of the outfits I made for their American Girl Dolls.  Soon she will be making her own.

It’s been awhile

I took the first photo on the wrong setting, so the mistake is maybe harder to see….give you a hint.  Look at the left side and just above the last green star you will see where a piecing error occurred.    I didn’t see it, and the long arm quilter said she didn’t see it  until she arrived at that part of the quilt with her machine.    Well it was too late then to fix it.  I hung it each Christmas, but it bugged me.   It wasn’t entered in the quilt show that year either.

One of my projects this year has been to cut up the scraps I’ve collected over the years into usable squares.  Last week I ran across the tote with the scraps from this quilt.  There was plenty left for me to make a nine patch to “patch” the mistake.  Took about an hour this evening.  It still won’t be in a quilt show, but it will make me much happier.

Counted cross stitch memories



I used to make Christmas presents for my mom…and she always displayed them…even the macrame hanging tree!   I remember one year being terribly busy with school…I tried being the activities director.  Anyway, I didn’t have time.   Instead I bought her a very expensive sweater.  It just wasn’t the same in her mind.

According to what I wrote on the back, this was a gift for her in 1986.  Even with cataract surgery, there is no way I could do counted cross stitch today…my fingers just don’t move that well.  When she passed, the  gift came back to me.    It is always nice to hang it and remember mom with a smile.

Thanksgiving and Beyond

This Thanksgiving was one of the nicest I’ve had in a long time.  My darling baby girl came and spent the day with me while we cooked, visited, watched some TV, set the table, and waited for our guests.    It was a fun day all around.  Did everything turn out just perfect…no, but no one seemed to care.  The kids had fun despite not being able to go “Black Friday” shopping.  My son in law ask me if I was going shopping…I informed him I was done.  I know how to push a button.

I do admit to having gone to one of the local quilt shops today and stocking up on some fabric…$6.99 a yard.  Now that is a deal.

I spent this morning cleaning the kitchen, putting things away, and dragging out my mom’s Snow Village.  I didn’t put it up last year because I was going to Columbia.  I missed it and today gave me a lot of pleasure.  I have to remember I only have one fifth of the collection.  I can only imagine how much fun she and dad had putting it all up.    Do I need anything else?  No, and good sense will keep me from purchasing anything else for the collection, but I can understand how it could become addictive.  It’s still fun to look.   Pictures later.