May the force be with you…


Eleven of the eighteen blocks needed for  for a lap quilt top for my sister-in-law.  If I just keep plugging away, I might get them done this week…or maybe not.  I’ll be heading north for New Years.  There will be some rearranging when they are all done.  That’s the beauty of having a digital camera.  It really shows where things need to be moved.    I have my brother’s quilt done…and the back.  Have plans to pin baste it on Wednesdays at quilt club, but checked my calendar and that may not happen.


Went to see the new Star Wars with the granddaughters and daughter today.  Afraid I would only give it a C plus on my first appraisal.  Then I admit it has a good strong female lead; shows how women can contribute; and maybe…we have a female Jedi.  O.K….I’ll give it a B.    It just doesn’t compete with the first one.  I remember taking my son three times.  We loved it each and every time.


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