Thanksgiving and Beyond

This Thanksgiving was one of the nicest I’ve had in a long time.  My darling baby girl came and spent the day with me while we cooked, visited, watched some TV, set the table, and waited for our guests.    It was a fun day all around.  Did everything turn out just perfect…no, but no one seemed to care.  The kids had fun despite not being able to go “Black Friday” shopping.  My son in law ask me if I was going shopping…I informed him I was done.  I know how to push a button.

I do admit to having gone to one of the local quilt shops today and stocking up on some fabric…$6.99 a yard.  Now that is a deal.

I spent this morning cleaning the kitchen, putting things away, and dragging out my mom’s Snow Village.  I didn’t put it up last year because I was going to Columbia.  I missed it and today gave me a lot of pleasure.  I have to remember I only have one fifth of the collection.  I can only imagine how much fun she and dad had putting it all up.    Do I need anything else?  No, and good sense will keep me from purchasing anything else for the collection, but I can understand how it could become addictive.  It’s still fun to look.   Pictures later.


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